Ice Fishing Fun


<%image(20070218-joshicesm.jpg|150|200|Ice Fishing in Canada)%>

   Josh loves to fish in the summer but we weren’t sure how much he would enjoy ice fishing.  After a full day of snowmobiling and ice fishing Mike thinks Josh may like winter fishing just as much as he does fishing in the summer.

     Yesterday morning they loaded up their fishing gear and snowmobiled up to Sag.  Their journey continued for more than thirty miles through the wilderness trails until they found their remote lake of choice.  There was a small group of people with them so while some started collecting fire wood for lunch others began drilling holes and setting up shelters. 

<%image(20070218-joshicsm.jpg|200|150|Lake Trout Fishing)%>

     Before long their lines and bait were in the water trying to entice the Lake Trout to bite.  There were numerous nibbles and lots of bait was stolen but only one Lake Trout was caught.  Everyone remained comfortable inside their shelters and it was a good thing they brought them because the wind was blowing enough to make drifts outside.

     Once the fire was ready it was time for lunch.  Everyone enjoyed roasting hot dogs over the campfire while they watched the flags on their tip-ups.  A good time was had by all and Josh is already wondering when we can go ice fishing again.