Hurry Up

     There is so much to do today on the Gunflint Trail.  I don’t like to make choices but I don’t think I can possibly get everywhere to do everything that’s going on today.  The temperature is much warmer today so this makes the decision even more diffcult.

     The cross-country ski trails looked awesome when I drove past them yesterday.  They were freshly groomed and they looked so inviting.  But, since I don’t skate ski one thing I know I won’t be doing is the Pursuit Ski Race at Bearskin that starts at 10AM.  It’s free skiing on the Trail this entire weekend so I’ll be taking advantage of that for sure.

     The Cook County Ridge Riders are sponsoring a Radar Run at Windigo today.  That is something I would enjoy doing since my snowmobile can go pretty fast but I was told I don’t have the right jockey physique.  Whatever that means!  I know it doesn’t mean I can’t go watch so I’ll be heading down there to catch the start at 11:00AM.

     The Gunflint Lake area has lots to choose from today.  I’ll bring the kids over to Gunflint Pines so they can participate in the Mini-Winter Olympics and the Snowshoe Obstacle Course.  Mark and Mary Black from Black Magic Kennels are giving sled dog rides there and I’m guessing my children will be begging for money to do that.

     Over at the lodge there’s plenty to do too.  There’s storytelling at 11AM, a presentaton at 1PM and at 2PM there’s the judging of the snow carvings at Hestons, snowkiting and two broomball games.  One game will be played at Gunflint Lodge and the other at Tuscarora. 

     This evening will be spent at Gunflint Lodge.  Starting out at 5 PM with dinner, awards and then the Snow Boot Ball with music by the Trail’s End Band at 7:30PM.  Can’t stay too late though or I won’t want to be up and at them for the Trout Derby tomorrow.

     So much to do, so little time and too many decisions to make.  I better hurry up and make up my mind and then hopefully I’ll see you on the Trail.