Hurry Up Daylight Saving Time

     The morning sky is blacker than black especially when the clouds are in the sky.  The last few days of taking the kids out to the bus stop it’s felt like nighttime instead of daytime.  I looked up into the sky the other morning to see Orion shining brightly and just a sliver of the moon.

     The days are getting shorter and the nights longer as the calendar approaches November.  Twilight isn’t until after 7am and the sun doesn’t rise until after 7:30am.  It starts to get dark outside early in the afternoon and the sun sets a little before 6pm.  I spend my entire morning walk in the dark right now and it will only get darker until the 2nd week of November after we Fall Back for Daylight Saving Time.

     I’ll have a little more daylight for my morning walk after Daylight Saving Time but it will dwindle quickly as we approach the Winter Equinox in December.  It’s amazing how fast the days, weeks and months pass by, I can barely keep up.  At least I’ll get an extra hour on Sunday, November 6th!