Hurray for Quetico!

     The reservation process for Quetico Park could only improve from last year.  Thankfully it will happen sooner rather than later.

Quetico Updates: from Robin Reilly MNR

1.   Reservation Service:

In 2010 Ontario Parks generally and Quetico specifically, underwent a difficult transition to a new reservation service.     The contract was awarded to the firm Media Mix, a company that was to provide a more modern and efficient reservation system.      Unfortunately, the delivery of the service did not meet expectations and at the end of the reservation season, Ontario Parks cancelled the contract.   Reservations for the 2011 season will begin in late December of 2010 and there will likely be some challenges in getting a different contract fully operational.     During the initial period I anticipate that Quetico, and other parks, will begin by taking reservations directly using park staff.       I expect that this will mean that early season phone calls will be made to our Atikokan office.     Over the next few months we will be providing updates so that you stay informed and can advise your customers.    I am hopeful that the reservation service for the 2011 season will be a marked improvement.  

2.   Park Management Plan Review: 

The park management plan review is proceeding with many good comments received.    Park staff have begun to summarize and analyse the comments and to use these in the preparation of the Preliminary Management Plan.     The Preliminary Plan will be available for review in 2011 and will essentially be the proposed final draft.       Comments on that draft will subsequently be incorporated into a final plan.      This planning process seeks to make small adjustments to current park development and operations so that park policies can respond to changing conditons.