Hungry Feet

     I have always loved Fox River socks for their high quality, awesome comfort and dedication to the environment.  Now I have even more reason to love them because they have began making a line of socks out of corn.  "Ingeo fiber is the first man-made fiber derived from clean, sustainable, 100 percent renewable resources."

How corn becomes socks… (from their website)

First, corn’s grown and harvested.  Then the sugars are extracted from the corn and fermented and transformed into polyactide, a high performance polymer.  Then PLA is extruded into Ingeo fiber, naturally dyed, and lovingly knitted into socks. 

     If these corn socks are as good as Fox Rivers other socks then my feet will hunger for them.  All of their socks I have tried no matter what kind have been extremely comfortable.  They are durable and keep my feet dry by wicking moisture away from my feet preventing blisters and keeping them warm.     Fox River is a great company that is environmentally aware and I can’t wait to try their new line of corn socks that I can put into the compost pile after they’ve lived a long hard life.