How Many Days Could You?

     Abby’s radio was on this morning when she was getting ready for school and I happened to hear the DJ asking, "How many days could you stay home from work before getting bored?" The people calling in to answer this question must have been from a different universe because their answers were foreign to me.

     A number of people called in and surprisingly their answers were nothing like mine would be.  One woman said, "Two days. I would be bored after that."  Another woman answered, "One week would be too much, I wouldn’t know what to do." "I’d go crazy being at home." was another reply.  I was tempted to call in and ask what world they lived in when Abby said, "You wouldn’t get bored for the rest of your life mom."

     Isn’t that the truth? The people calling in must not own their own homes or vehicles.  With these two things alone I would be busy for months.  Vaccuuming the car, cleaning the upholstery, washing the car and getting the oil changed would require at least 2 full days alone.  Then there’s the house which deserves way more attention then it will ever receive. Dusting, laundry, varnishing windowsills, painting walls, caulking tubs, washing screens, organizing movies, going through children’s clothing, books and toys would require weeks of work.  Then there’s all of the photos and videos I have taken over the years that need to be organized and put into scrapbooks, albums or frames.

     If I go outside of the house then the list gets even longer.  There’s wood to be cut, weeds to pull, grass to be mown, brush removed, raking to do and many other tasks I could complete.

     I’m not sure if working on other projects would be considered not working?  If it does then the people polled must not be involved in their community.  There are Book Fairs to plan, meetings to attend and events to go to for organizations we belong to.  Fire training, chaperoning field trips and coaching kids’ sports could keep me busy many hours of the month.

     I’d love to have time to stay at home.  I can imagine taking photos, reading a book and even writing.  There is a time for everything they say.  When Abby and Josh graduate and are out of the house I imagine I’ll have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.  Even then I can’t imagine not being able to stay home from work for a week without getting bored.  How about you?