Holiday Hoopla

    There are Christmas Trees for sale on the street corners and Santa Clauses in the malls but I don’t feel all wrapped up in the holiday hoopla.  Maybe it’s because I’m 2000 miles from home and there isn’t any snow on the ground.   

     Traveling before the Christmas holiday has helped me avoid the holiday hoopla and focus on what’s really important in life.  The holidays should be about being grateful and spending time with family.  I’m grateful I’ve been able to spend so much time on vacation with my family.  There isn’t a better Christmas present out there than quality time with my kids.


    It’s too easy to get caught up in the holiday hoopla when I’m at home.  There are so many tasks that take time away from the family and leave me exhausted and cranky when I finally get them done.  It doesn’t make sense to grumble about getting the Christmas decorations out or to get stressed over the tangled tree lights.  It isn’t fun to worry about having to make an appetizer or get dressed up to attend a party where over indulgence only makes one feel guilty later.  Baking or eating endless pans of holiday treats can’t bring me as much happiness as hanging out with my family does. 


     Luckily I was able to complete all of my holiday preparations in early November with the help of Chelsea and my family.  A photo was snapped and turned into a Christmas card and the letter was written and mailed out to recipients.  Presents were purchased, wrapped and transported to St. Cloud for our holiday celebration.  The gifts don’t look like they were wrapped by professionals because I let Abby and Josh wrap them all.  The paper will just get destroyed during the unwrapping anyway.


     Have you been wrapped up in the holiday hoopla?  I hope not and if so then do yourself a favor and unwrap yourself.  Take the time to remember what’s important in life.  Does the house need to be spotless before you sit down and spend time with your kids or can you settle for a little bit of dust and take time to enjoy them?  I’ll gladly avoid the holiday hoopla in exchange for the gift of time with those I love.