Hockey Highlights

     The Cook County M-1 and M-2 teams played two games each on Saturday in Carlton and will play one game each on Sunday.   The M-1 Team is coached by Nate Sheils and Briane Cooley and the M-2 Team is coached by Paul Sporn, Steve DuChien and Mike Prom.  The M-1 kids are 7 years old and under while the M-2 are older with players who are between the ages of 7-9. 

     Josh is 8-years old and plays for the M-2 team.  His team was able to play at the UMD Bulldog game last night in between periods.  I’ve never seen a group of kids more excited than his teammates before they were about to go on the ice.  It was awesome to seem them take the ice with such enthusiasm.  They tried their best to imitate the college players as they skated their hearts out for six minutes.

     Their goalie is Cameron "The Wall" Roy.  Whan an incredible goalie he is.  Towering at around four and a half feet tall and one foot wide fully dressed in goalie gear he has a huge empty space in front of the net to fill.  I don’t know how he does it but somehow he manages to deflect any puck that comes near him.  He was able to shut out Spooner, Wisconsin during the entire six minute game with the help of his awesome defensive lines.

     Keeping the puck away from the net for Cameron were Andrew Miller, Will Ramberg, Trevor Berglund and Chase Gwash.  They swiftly sent the puck soaring towards the opponents net whenever it came close to Cameron.  The offense would take over from there and consisted of Connor Somnis, Jayden Grivette, Levi Sheils, Ethan Sporn, Tristan Bockovich and Josh Prom.

     The six minutes was divided into one minute segments with no scoring in the first minute.  With a quick line change Tristan, Ethan and Josh entered the ice on a mission to score.  Ethan Sporn aggressively made his way for the net and took a hard shot at the goalie who deflected the puck only to have Josh Prom swoop in and sneak the puck right past him to score the first and only goal of the game.

     What a game it was.  The Cook County team beat Spooner and the Bulldogs beat the higher ranked Colorado Tigers 4-1.  When the M-2 team wasn’t playing hockey or eating ice-cream they had their noses glued to the plexi glass watching the college players collide against the boards and race for the puck. 

     I’ll quote Josh’s first words of this morning, "Mom, it was a perfect night last night.  Both the Bulldogs and Cook County won last night."