Hiking the BWCAW

     It may be called the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness but don’t forget about hiking the BWCA when you’re planning your next wilderness adventure.  There are two main hiking trails accessed from the Gunflint Trail, the Kekekabik and the Border Route Trail.  The "Kek Trail",  as we call it, connects the Gunflint Trail to the Fernberg Road in Ely on the other end of the BWCA.  The Border Route Trail begins where the Kek ends and continues it’s way to Lake Superior. 

     The Border Route Trail is a 65 mile trail that was created in the 1970’s with the help of the Minnesota Rovers Outing Club, the USFS and the MN DNR.  In 1994 the Border Route Trail Association was created to help maintain and care for this awesome wilderness trail.   

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    There are sections of the trail that traverse the BWCA and trail maintenance must be done with hand tools only.  The clearing of the trail is done by dedicated volunteers and if you would like to help out then be sure to check out their website.   There are two trail clearing trips available to participate in this October; one is the weekend of the 13-15th, and the other is the 26-29th.  Both of these trips will use Heston’s Lodge on Gunflint Lake as the base camp, a great place to stay and enjoy some Northwood’s Hospitality.

     Hiking the Boundary Waters offers the visitor a unique wilderness experience.  Very few people travel these trails and fall is a great time to come and give it a try.  There are no bugs and if it’s windy and the lakes are choppy, then no worries, the ground will remain calm beneath your feet and will safely take you where you want to go.