Head Start On Winter

     Thanks to the early and heavy snowfalls this year I feel like we have a head start on winter.  Winter enthusiasts have been able to get out and cross-country ski on the groomed trails on the Gunflint Trail and the North Shore.  Snowmobilers have been able to zip across smaller frozen lakes and through the snowy woods already and it’s a snowshoer’s paradise out there.  Some years there is barely any snow to speak of over Christmas break but this year it feels more like the kid’s mid-winter break in February than it does Christmas.

     The head start on winter will allow us to do more of the winter things we love.  While my cross-country skis are still tucked away my snowshoes have been out on four treks already.  My path around the back lake is compacted enough so even Rugby enjoys the trek.  The kids have a good start on their snow fort and have enjoyed buzzing around the lake on the snowmobiles.  We also have a nice ice skating rink flooded so Josh can enjoy playing hockey during break and throughout the winter.

     I’m grateful for the good snow this year and can’t wait to get out and play.  I’m dreaming about making plans for ice fishing adventures, snowmobile rides and long cross country ski treks.  I hope you too will take advantage of the head start we have on winter.  Remember, there’s a cabin waiting for you at the end of the Gunflint Trail. 

Winter on the Gunflint Trail