Haven’t I Heard that Somewhere Before?

     Many of my blog readers come from the Boreal Blog page so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that other blog writers in boreal land read my blog too.  I wouldn’t think of accusing anyone of copying my blog because truthfully it isn’t that good.  There’s way better titles for blogs and ideas for stories out there then what I can come up with.

      Sometimes Mary Black from Black Magic Kennels and I have similar thoughts around similar times because we do similar things and sometimes we even do those similar things together.  It makes sense then that we would have a blog entry or two that are similar.

     What doesn’t make sense is what a reader pointed out to me yesterday.  She noticed the titles of the blogs on the Boreal Blog Home Page sounded very familiar to my very recent ones.  She says there’s been alot of that and when she reads other blogs they are surprisingly like mine. 

     I barely have time to write my own blog let alone read other blogs but I did take a look at the blog page and noticed these titles.   

  • "Oh Deer"
  • "Moose on the Loose"
  • "Random Thoughts for a Tuesday"(This one isn’t the same because mine was "Random Monday Thoughts."


      I don’t think anyone would try to sound like me because everyone around here knows what type of person I am.  Who would want to be associated with that?  What I think happens is "The Daphne Syndrome." 

     The Daphne Syndrome is when someone says something that makes sense or sounds like a good idea.  A listener hears "it", quickly stashes "it" into their subconscious but then somehow they manage to come up with "it" and then take credit for "it".  You know, Daphne, Scooby Doo, Fred?  Daphne always came up with ideas but no one ever heard her and then they would chime in with the same idea and everyone would ooh and ahh over their brilliance.  Daphne would wonder in amazement?  "What just happened?"  It’s a subconscious thing.  You hear a good idea, forget you ever heard it and then come up with the idea like it was yours to begin with.  That happens all of the time around here.

     Anyway I just thought I would share the Daphne Syndrome with you.  I made that up.  At least I think I did…