Harvest Moon of October

     Last night was the full moon of October.  The bummer was we couldn’t even see it to enjoy it.  In fact we weren’t able to enjoy much of the harvest moon this year because of the cloudy nights.  It’s such a pretty moon to see as it travels close to the horizon and is usually very colorful.  Good thing we don’t have many farmers up in our region because they wouldn’t have been able to harvest by the light of the moon. 

     The harvest moon was beneficial for at least one moose hunter on the Gunflint Trail.  I haven’t asked around for fear of finding out how many have been shot along the Trail.  The one confirmed dead lived less than two miles from here cross country near the Seagull Creek that travels underneath the Gunflint Trail right after Seagull Creek Fish Camp and before you get to Seagull Outfitters.  He spent alot of time this spring wading and eating in the creek while folks stopped to take pictures of him.  Hopefully there’s another bull in the area for the cow moose up here.

     Another Harvest Moon has come and gone and a new work week begins.  Have a good one!