Happy Valentine’s Day


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   What will you do for Valentine’s Day?  Some people go all out in celebrating this holiday of love while others would just as soon forget it ever existed.  For those couples happily in love it can be a wonderful celebration, but for those who are alone or lonely in a relationship it’s just another day that reminds them of how awful their situation is. 

     I’m hoping for a Valentine’s Day where everyone shares their love with those around them.  Maybe you can show someone an act of kindness or just give a smile; it may be all that a person needs for Valentine’s Day.  Certainly there are plenty of greeting cards, flowers and candies to go around but being a good friend the whole year through is a much bigger gift.  In spite of my true feelings about Valentine’s Day my children were very excited about this special day.   

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       I helped the kids with their Valentine’s Day preparations and even made heart shaped Rice Krispie treats for school.  The kids wrote their names on cards and not so carefully chose which card to give to which friend.  I interjected and said, "Do you know what that card says? Do you really want "so and so" to think you think he is the only one for you?"  Keep in mind my children are in Kindergarten and 1st Grade and most of the kids in their classes can’t read, they just want the candy.   But the memory that sticks in my head is one of feeling crushed when all I got from my crush Scott Severson in 3rd grade said something like, "Too Cool" and not some profession of his undying love for me.  Ahh, to be young again.

     Ok, so if you are still reading this at this point I’m going to give you something from my heart.  Valentine’s Day hasn’t meant that much to me for the past twenty years.  What happened on Valentine’s 20 years ago that made me change my views?  It isn’t what happened on Valentine’s Day but it is what happened on Friday, the 13th, 1987.   For most "normal" people that would be a bad and scary day, but anyone who knows me knows I’m far from normal.  On with it Sue…  OK, On that day in history, 20 years ago, is when my crush, Mike Prom and I officially started dating.   So for my crush/husband, the 13th of February is much more special because it is a day we share together and celebrate our undying love for each other, that just happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day! 

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So Mike, This Blog’s for you!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart, You’re too cool!