Happy Valentine’s Day

     Candy, flowers, sweet greeting cards and romantic dinners by candlelight are the things Valentine’s Day are made of.  How many of you will experience all of that jazz this Valentine’s Day?  Unable to sleep last night I did wish Mike a Happy Valentine’s Day but this morning Valentine’s Day was not on my mind.

     We discussed the day’s plans while I was up on the roof of the lodge swinging an axe.(Ice Dams are tormenting us and with warm temperatures in the forecast I thought I would attempt to slow the flooding down.)  Mike was heading to town for meetings and I was trying to give him instructions on how to run the Book Fair for PTA because I couldn’t find any volunteers.  It was a quick exchange of words and then he was off and running.  Valentine’s Day wasn’t part of the discussion.

     The kids were prepared for Valentine’s Day and I have fond memories of Grade School and the card exchange.  I know they are excited to give and receive their cards and to eat their candy.  I remember receiving heart shaped boxes of chocolate from my parents and I realize now I have nothing to give to my children except my love that is never-ending.

     While dinner out may sound like a treat to some people, it doesn’t to me.  I’d rather stay at home, sit by the fire and watch a good movie or relax without a computer on my lap.  I wonder if Valentine’s Day is as big of a deal as it was year’s ago?  It’s difficult to tell when you’re "in your own world" as my sister reminded me this weekend.  I remember in college when Mike gave me a huge box of chocolates and I got mad at him because I didn’t want to eat them(forever trying to lose weight).  I think that was the last time he bought me candy for Valentine’s Day. 

     Whatever it is you are hoping for this Valentine’s Day I hope you receive it.