Happy Trails

The mosquitos are usually less ferocious this time of the year but for some reason they seem to still be bugging me and Abby.  She counted 46 mosquito bites on herself yesterday and we haven’t even been "out" in the woods.  It must be a hungry bunch of mosquitos this year and if she doesn’t put something on they love to feast on her.  Last year I mentioned a product called, "Bye, Bye, Bug" by V’Tae and this stuff works awesome but has a new name, "Happy Trails."  I guess they can no longer call it a bug repellent because it doesn’t have some special ingredient so they now call it an aromatherapy lotion for the all-outdoors.  Whatever ingredients it does have seem to really do the trick to keep the mosquitos away.  It even has zinc oxide in it so it acts as a suncreen too.  You can purchase a bottle from us for $18.00 and we’ll mail it off to you, or just stop in and pick one up the next time your in the neighborhood.

<%image(20060702-smalltrail.jpg|200|300|happy trails)%>