Happy Snowy Halloween

Snow has fallen. Not too much but enough to cover the ground with white flakes.  Tony took a picture I thought I would share with you. This is always a beautiful time of the year when there is still open water and it snows.

Snowy Halloween on the Gunflint Trail
Snow on the Gunflint Trail

The other day when I posted the story about fighting a bear I neglected to mention two other Voyageur Crew members were on that trip with Adam.  Ryan Ritter who is still working up at Voyageur this fall and Jake Bendel who spent a couple of seasons with us at Voyageur. Here’s what Ryan had to say regarding the story…

An article by the bush hippie, Jonathan, whom we met and paddled on and off with on our 2012 Rails to Whales expedition. He encountered this bear just two days before we encountered the same bear who was unwilling to let us set camp near his blueberry patch. Turns out black bears in solitude can be quite the match for man, no matter how experienced man is. Adam Maxwell and Jake Bendel will remember the story right from the horse’s mouth!

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