Happy October

     I can’t believe October is here.  Another thing I can’t believe is that my sister is turning 40 years old on the 3rd.  I really can’t fathom that.  It seems like yesterday we were running around in the backyard and playing on the jungle gym.  Now we have kids of our own that call us mom.  Strange.  What is stranger yet is that I’m not too far behind her in age…

     Those are some dreary thoughts to go with the dreary weather we have been having up here.  Rain, rain and more rain has been falling almost continually it seems for the entire month of September.  Now with a new month maybe we will have some new weather.

     The month of October brings things to a close for many of the outfitters on the Gunflint Trail.  Since we live up here year round we don’t actually close so we don’t have that day of relief that some of our snowbird neighbors get to experience.  We have our lodge units and cabins available to rent year round and October and November are probably two of the best months to vacation on the Gunflint Trail.

     If you want to experience true solitude then come on up for a visit.  You will be surprised at how wonderful the Gunflint Trail can be in the off season.  The hiking is great, the woods are wonderful and the fishing can be awesome.  We’d love to see you up at Voyageur so grab some sunshine and come on up.