Happy Arbor Day!

Are you up for the challenge? Join the #31daysoftrees challenge and get your daily dose of trees!

Happy Arbor Day Minnesotans!

Minnesota celebrates Arbor Day today Friday, April 28, 2017. Department of Natural Resources continues the fun, observing Arbor Month in May by recognizing the health benefits of trees.

Trees and forests provide numerous health benefits such as:

Helping reduce skin cancer.
Decreasing mental stress and promoting healing.
Cleaning the air and reducing childhood asthma rates.
Reducing stressful noises by 50 percent.
Providing healthy fruits and nuts.
We encourage you to get in the spirit of Arbor Day with us, and check out our website to learn how!  “Getting your daily dose of trees is good for your health and easy to do,” said Jennifer Teegarden, DNR forestry outreach specialist. “You can climb a tree, go camping, sit under a tree, take a hike or visit a forest.”

To encourage people to get a daily dose of trees, the DNR is launching the #31DaysOfTrees challenge during Arbor Month. Simply post a photo or video while getting a daily dose of trees on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #31DaysOfTrees and include @MinnesotaDNR when posting to Facebook. Participation will be tracked using hashtag #31DaysOfTrees.

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