Happy 4th of July

     I hope you are all out and about enjoying a beautiful day.  I was able to take a walk around the block last night and thought I would comment on a few things I experienced.

     Turtles are still burying their eggs in the sand and other animals are busy digging them out. We saw two walking across the dirt road by moose pond.

     Flowers are in bloom and the wild roses are super fragrant. The wild strawberries are ripe and delicious and the irises are in bloom. Berries have appeared overnight on the June berry trees and some look like they could even be ripe.

     The bugs aren’t bad at all. I put a little bit of bug spray on and didn’t even have anything buzz around my head in pursuit. There are dragonflies flitting about and the mayflies have hatched.

     Other things to note…  The water is very comfortable for swimming and the sun has been hot. It’s been gorgeous weather for camping and enjoying life in the great northwoods.

     All the best this 4th of July and always.