Happiness is a Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

     What is happiness a person asks? To this question one would find a number of definitions and different answers depending upon who is answering the question. 

      Researchers may tell you who is happiest while a psychologist may tell you what happiness is not.  People who have good genes, strong religious beliefs and quality relationships are generally happier than those without.  Happiness is a state of mind, a natural state of being that is often created from a judgement of a situation.  Then why does it seem any event that is suppose to make you happy is such a challenge? There are things that bring a person pleasure but that isn’t necessarily happiness. Happiness is indeed a complex thing but I know what it feels like.

     Happiness is how I feel while I’m paddling and camping in the Boundary Waters.  It’s the peaceful feeling that envelopes me as I step out of the tent in the morning and am greeted with the sun peeking out over the trees.  It’s the calmness of the water and the soothing sound of the loon singing.  It’s the freedom I feel when I swim between islands and the satisfaction I feel after completing a tough portage. Happiness is what I feel when I navigate across a lake knowing I am capable of steering myself in the right direction and the contentness I feel when I find the perfect campsite.  Happiness is a Boundary Waters Canoe Trip.

     If I could bottle that feeling up and give it away then I certainly would.  Unfortunately I have to charge people for the same experience, it’s called canoe trip outfitting.  When you want to experience happiness call us at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters, we’ll help you find it.