Hanging in There



     I had a revelation the other day…  I was having a pity party thinking, "Why me?  Poor me."  Then someone said to me something along the line of, "How do you know you haven’t been really lucky or blessed?"  I thought about it and it didn’t take long before it hit me, "I have been really lucky!"

     I have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities and people in my life.  I have great, supportive friends, a loving family and two terrific kids.  Yes, my mom passed away 12 years ago today, but I had uncondtional love from her for 25 years.  There have been forest fires threatening our lives and livliehood for the past three years but we have our family, property and the business is doing fine in spite of it all.  Josh contracted MRSA and could have died but he is alive and doing awesome.  How many times have we been spared from near misses?  Close calls?  Accidents on the highway? We may not know just how lucky we have been, but I’m guessing we’re doing better than just hanging in there.   


  We are doing great.  We have our health and home in this beautiful place.  We own and operate our own successful business.  We’re able to help out in our children’s school and take vacations.  We live in a great community and have caring and kind friends. Should I be whining?  Hell NO!  Have we been blessed?  Hell Yes!  We’re not just hanging in there, we are living and living good.  Sorry pity, the party is over and we’re moving on with our lucky lives.