Hang On

While almost all of my friends are anxiously awaiting Spring and Summer I am hanging on as long as I can to Winter.  I just don’t want to let it go yet.  Yesterday we went snowmobiling as a family, the whole family came along, even Rugby!  He rode in a front pack that I wore underneath my jacket and really enjoyed himself.  We rode on the Canadian logging roads from Saganaga down to Gunflint and the trails  were in phenomenal shape.  Once we got there the kids had rides on an inter tube pulled behind the snowmobile and then Heather and I snowmobiled over to Bridal Falls.  We hiked through the snow and  up to Bridal Falls.  There was still a huge veil of ice covering the falls but the water could be seen and heard underneath.  We had a great time exploring the falls and relaxing on the snow in the warm sun.  With days like this who needs Summer?

<%image(20060327-heatherfallssmall.jpg|300|225|Bridal Falls)%>