Ham Run Fun



  It’s just one short month away from the Ham Run Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run.  Some people are wondering if they can "handle" the half marathon.  Well folks, this may come as a surprise, but I don’t think it matters how long it takes for you to complete the half-marathon. 

     The destination isn’t the end of the race but the journey itself.  Traveling along the Gunflint Trail during the Ham Run and just being a part of the day’s event is what it’s all about.  Companionship, togetherness and celebration is what will be the focus.  If walking the half-marathon is more your style then feel free to do so.

     The 5K Fun Run is also a non-competitive event that you can walk.  Don’t feel intimidated by the word "race" just sign up and have fun.  Don’t worry about how fast you can run it, take time to enjoy the view along your way. 

     Think about the Ham Run in a different light.   It’s a little like life and it needn’t be rushed through to see who gets done first.  It should be enjoyed and savored along the way.  The end will always be there waiting for you when you get there so you may as well have some fun before you get there.