Ham Lake Fire May 8, 2007

The Bright Side-

The wilderness at the end of the Gunflint Trail remains.  The crystal clear lakes are the same and they are still teeming with fish.  The night sky still holds millions of stars to gaze at.  The songs of birds, spring peepers and loons can  be heard.  Eagles soar overhead and wildlife remains in our forest.  Marsh Marigolds are blooming even where the fire went through.  There are trees standing and the forest will remain, no matter what shape it is in.

More and more people are arriving to help with the fire suppression efforts each day.  They arrive by busloads ready to fight the Ham Lake Fire.  Teams are eager to help and to do what they can to save structures and from keeping the spread of the fire to a minimum.  These people are risking their lives for the sake of other people’s property.

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