Gunflint Trail Winter Exploratory Day

     What a perfect day yesterday was for the Cook County Middle School Winter Expoloratory Day.  Students were able to choose from a variety of activities including a day at Lutsen Mountain for Downhill Skiing, learning about sleigh rides and big horses at Okontoe and winter fun at Gunflint Pines.

     There were plenty of adult chaperones at Gunflint Pines yesterday because one of the activities was ice fishing.  I’ve never seen so many dads volunteer to chaperone for a school function!  It was awesome to see dads with their sons and daughters out on the ice having a good time.

     I was able to take a small group of kids cross-country skiing at Gunflint Pines.  One of the participants was my very own daughter so it was extra special.  One of the other participants was my second daughter(my daughter’s best friend). She claims I am trying to kill her by teaching her to downhill ski and then yesterday teaching her to cross-country ski.  She figures I will be the cause of her death eventually.  She was never actually near death and did a fantastic job. 

     Everyone had a great time at Gunflint Pines for Exploratory Day and I feel so fortunate to live in a place and have school staff that takes extra time for these extra special events.

ice fishing on the Gunflint Trail


Cross country skiing on the Gunflint Trail

gunflint trail ice fishing