Gunflint Trail Travels

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     You never know what you might see when traveling on the Gunflint Trail.  I think that is why I don’t mind making the 56 mile drive to town as often as I do.  Last week I made the trip on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the kids make the trip every week day while on their way to school. 

     An hour or so drive on the Gunflint Trail isn’t like a commute in a big city.  There are no stop lights, no on and off ramps, no road rage and the only traffic you may run into is an animal on the road.  It is common to see many critters during the drive to town. 

     It would be difficult to drive the Gunflint Trail and not see some sort of wildlife.  I almost always see deer on the Trail as well as many different types of birds.  The moose is seen with almost as much frequency along with little animals like squirrels and chipmunks.  Fox and grouse make themselves seen quite often and lately the rabbits have too.  Beaver, otters, pine martens and other small animals travel the roadsides on occasion as well.  Timber wolves and black bear are rare but I almost always see them a few times throughout the year. 

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    Driving the Gunflint Trail is always a treat; a time to reflect while keeping your eyes open because you never know what you might see.