Gunflint Trail Fishing Update

According to my son Josh and his friend Levi fishing has been good. They have spent the weekend out in the boat just around Voyageur and have had luck catching walleye, smallmouth and northern pike. While they haven’t brought any fish back home yet they assure me they are catching them and throwing them back.

Unfortunately now that Josh knows how to drive the boat I haven’t been invited to go fishing. In past summers I was begged to take them fishing and I loved taking them out onto Saganaga or into smaller lakes with the canoe. When I’ve mentioned doing that this weekend they have politely declined my invitation.

I guess that means if I want to go fishing I may end up going by myself. That is kind of like taking a walk without bringing the dog. It seems inefficient and like a waste of time to me. I guess I could rationalize spending time on the lake in the past because I was spending time with my son too.  This is quite the predicament.

For now I can say the Gunflint Trail fishing has been good but I don’t know that from personal experience. Hopefully the next time I give an update on fishing I will be able to share my personal success stories with you.

Walleye from the Quetico Park
 Quetico Park Walleyes

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