Gunflint Trail Canoe Race Success

Our Voyageur Crew had a fantastic time at the Gunflint Trail canoe races on July 16th.  The races are put on by the cabin owners to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and they do a super job at feeding and entertaining the masses.  The number of hours volunteers spend collecting donations for the raffles, preparing food to sell and planning the activities is greatly appreciated by the community who enjoys the event. So many people help out to make the event happen and we’re grateful for all of their work and the donation to the GTVFD.

We’re also happy they hold the races because it gives our summer crew something to look forward to mid-summer. I joked around with the crew telling them things like,

  • “If you don’t win the race then don’t bother coming back to shore.”
  • “If you aren’t puking then you aren’t paddling hard enough.”
  • “Blood and bruising is expected.”

We have a mainly new crew this year and I guess they thought I was serious because we had bruising, bleeding and puking this year! They paddled hard and came home with lots of medals making Voyageur proud once again.

The 2014 Canoe Races were very successful because of the help of many volunteers and participants from up & down the Trail.
Volunteers (many of you):
1.  Prepared and sold more than $2000 of food.
2.  Sold thousands of raffle tickets.
3.  Donated raffle and auction items that raised $6,000.
Proceeds to the GTVFD totaled  $16,000, $4000 more than was raised in 2013.  
Another $1,000 +/- is pending (or tentative).
We’ll see you next year at the races.  Mark your calendar… July 15, 2015.  Food, fun and more will begin at 4 PM.

Gunflint Trail Canoe Races
Fun at the Gunflint Trail canoe races
Canoe winner at Gunflint Trail Canoe Races
Elsa Lunde, 13 years of age, wins the canoe at the Gunflint Trail Canoe Races

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