Gunflint Green Up

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March 25, 2009                                                                                            Nancy Seaton

Gunflint Green Up Happening May 1-2, 2009
On the Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway
People, Trees, and Community — Coming Together for a Better Future 

Grand Marais, MN ­ The second annual Gunflint Green Up takes place May 1-2 at various locations along the Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway in northeastern Minnesota. All planting and release sites are located within the Superior National Forest, in the area affected by the Ham Lake Fire of May 2007.
Gunflint Green Up begins with a Green Living Fair on the afternoon of Friday, May 1, at Gunflint Lodge’s conference center.  The Green Living Fair is inspired by the idea that green living and planting trees go hand-in-hand, and that good stewards of the forest must be good stewards of the environment.  The Green Living Fair offers a collection of local experts to assist the community and its visitors in that direction. Stewardship begins at home, whether home is the Gunflint Trail or hundreds of miles away.
Following the Green Living Fair, there will be a picnic in the big top at Gunflint Lodge, music by the Sivertones, and a presentation by local artist Howard Sivertson.
Saturday is tree planting and release of the overgrowth around the trees planted in 2008, trail lunch, dinner in the big top with music by Gerald Thilmany, celebration of the 100th anniversary of Superior National Forest, and dance with Trail’s End Band.
All participants must register to take part in the program.  This year the registration options include ala carte meals, and an option to “plant only.”  Participants can register for the Gunflint Green Up online at The registration fee for all meals and programs is $40 per individual or $100 per family (1-­ 2 adults and their children 16 years of age and younger) and includes Friday’s Green Living Fair, dinner, evening presentation, Saturday tree planting, box lunch, dinner, dance, and t-shirt.  Please visit the website for ala carte options.
All planting and release sites are within Superior National Forest and the area affected by the Ham Lake Fire of May 2007. Planting locations include the vicinities of Trail’s End Campground, Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center, Kekekabic and Magnetic Rock Trails, Round Lake public landings, and the Iron Lake Campground. All are public lands; participants may visit the trees in future years.
“Green Up participants found the event to be a time they could give back to the Gunflint Trail, a special place that has given them so much through the years,” said Nancy Seaton, chair of the Gunflint Green Up Committee. “Planting a tree can be a powerful experience when you think of all the animals and people who will find a home in its branches or beauty in its shadows. Last summer people stopped me on the streets of Grand Marais to say they were going up the Trail to visit ‘their’ trees. Green Up really gave the planters a sense of ownership, a sense of being a part of the community. Green Up is as much about creating a greater community as it is about planting the trees for future generations.”
Sunday is the Ham Run Half Marathon (separate registration required). Information on the marathon can be found at
The 2008 Gunflint Green Up was awarded the Explore Minnesota Tourism “Sustainable Tourism Award” and the USDA Forest Service Eastern Region Honor Award “Connecting Citizens to the Land.”
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