Guess I Was Wrong

     It wasn’t the first time I was wrong and it won’t be the last but when I said Mike had went for his last snowmobile ride the other day I was wrong.  I also was wrong in thinking he was done ice fishing for the year or that hockey was over.  Maybe after this weekend I can say it again and be correct.

     Yesterday we had hockey.  Well, it wasn’t a practice or a tournament but it was for hockey.  It was the end of the season party and boy did we have a blast.  We went to Surf Side, a resort on the North Shore where one of the hockey parent’s work.  We had a beautiful banquet room filled with great food and friends and then a nice swimming pool for the kids to play in.  Fun was had by all and I’m pretty sure that was the last time we’ll have hockey this year, well, until we meet again.  Hockey families are just like real families in that you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them so I know we’ll be gathering again soon!

     In fact just today Mike is heading out ice fishing with one of the hockey dad’s and his hockey son.  There are two other dads and their sons accompanying them on an ice fishing adventure into North Lake.  They will travel by snowmobile from Gunflint Lake to North and then drill some holes and try to irritate some trout as the old timers like to say.  I wish them luck on this beautiful, sunny, spring day.

     The cross-country ski trails up on the Gunflint Trail are still being tilled and groomed.  That means there’s still time for some spring skiing with crusty fast conditions in the morning and a little softer slower skiing in the afternoons.  I’m not going to say I’m done skiing for the year because I would hate to be wrong again.

     In any case… I won’t be wrong in saying a woman’s work is never done.  There’s dishes, laundry and rooms to clean.  Girl Scout Cookies, Mush for a Cure and Ham Run details to attend to.  A snack to make for Josh’s class, library books to gather and school work to put together.  There’s e-mail, inquiries and reservations to process.  I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun as Josh and Mike today, but then again, I could be wrong.