Grouse Hunters

As most of you know I like to read the Conservation Officer Reports from our area. The latest one from our neck of the woods had this to say.

CO Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) had another very busy weekend in the woods with many grouse hunters commenting that they have never seen so many people around. Now that the leaves are gone, it is safe to say this grouse season will not be near as good as last year. Also, the CO has rarely seen a young bird in the bag. It doesn?t appear too many of them made it through to this point. Enforcement action was taken for loaded shotguns and no federal waterfowl stamp.

I find it funny that hunters are commenting about the number of people around. I’m not sure if they meant hunters or just people in general. I did take Josh and friends out walking/hunting a couple of times and while we saw quite a few vehicles with orange hatted people in them we didn’t see anyone while walking on the trails.

There are so many places to hunt in our area but some people don’t want to walk and hunt. They prefer to ride around in their vehicles in search of grouse.  The hunting may not be too good on the main roads but if you hike into the woods your chances of getting a bird are much better.

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