Groundhog’s Day, Full Moon and More


     Last night the full moon of February shone brightly on the Gunflint Trail as I drove home from town.  When there is a full moon in the winter it is so bright out at night  you can drive without your lights on, see across frozen lakes and look deep into the woods.  I have always wanted to snowshoe or cross-country ski by the light of the full moon but since it was already 12 below at sundown I decided it wouldn’t be the month.  Since the February Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon I am hoping for a month of steady snow that will allow me the opportunity to ski by the light of the full moon in both March and April.

     Groundhog’s Day is today and hopefully he will see his shadow which will ensure more winter weather to come.  It isn’t just an ordinary Groundhog’s Day since this year it falls on a Cross Quarter Date.  I had never heard of a cross quarter date and found out it is the date that falls midway between the December Winter Solstice and the March Equinox.  This cross quarter date has been used throughout history for predicting weather patterns with the use of hibernating animals.  You can find more information about this interesting topic at this website.

Happy Cross Quarter Date Groundhog’s Day!