Great Weather at Voyageur

     I’m not sure where people get their forecasts from but the forecasts we have at Voyageur call for great weather.  Clear skies both night and day, sunshine galore and temperatures up into the 80’s with slight breezes to keep you cool. 

     I see absolutely no point in printing out a forecast that only has pictures of clouds, lightning bolts and rain.  Anglers and canoe parties who are up at Voyageur don’t really want to see that kind of a forecast either.  This theory was proven the other day when I decided to make up my own forecast. 

  • Step 1: print weather header for our area
  • Step 2: print weather forecast for Phoenix, AZ
  • Step 3: print weather forecast for Orlando, FL
  • Step 4: cut out pictures from Phoenix forecast and paste onto our area
  • Step 5: cut out weather descriptions from Orlando and paste onto our area
  • Step 6: make photocopy of forecast
  • Step 7: place on counter
  • Step 8: forget about it and walk away while April takes over the store
  • Step 9: return to store to be reminded about the fake forecast
  • Step 10: LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH and LAUGH some more

     When this type of forecast makes its way into the wrong hands things can go wrong.  Even if the thermometer reads 45 and the sky is filled with clouds that have rain pouring from them some people will still believe it is going to be 100 degrees and sunny that day.  This is according to April who showed the forecast to our guests who decided the forecast looked good enough to go out paddling for the week if it was going to be 100 and sunny all of the time…  I then made another crucial mistake when after being scolded by April I asked her, "What idiot would believe a forecast like that?"  To which her simple reply was, "ME!"  Whooopsssss, my bad.

   After she ran out of the store to grab the guests and explain the situation to them and I pulled myself off of the floor which I had been rolling on laughing until my sides burst open, I had another thought.  This time I wouldn’t make things so sneaky.  This time I would just print the forecast for Phoenix and leave it on the counter as is.  Then when people ask if this is the forecast we can say yes without it being a lie.  It is the forecast for Phoenix and it wouldn’t be my fault if they didn’t read where it was actually for. 

     People want to believe the weather will be great.  If we click those ruby slippers together three times and say, "I want great weather, I want great weather, I want great weather."  Then we will have great weather at Voyageur.  If you don’t believe me then just ask April, that’s if she isn’t out on the deck lathering sunscreen on herself in the rain waiting for the predicted sun to peek out.