Granite River

     The Granite River is a favorite route for many people who visit the Gunflint Trail.  The river flows north from Gunflint Lake along the border of Minnesota and Canada up to Saganaga Lake.  The river is approximately 25 miles long with around 13 portages around rapids and small waterfalls.  There is excellent fishing and great opportunities for seeing wildlife.  This year the Granite River was in the path of the Ham Lake Fire and now it has taken on a new look. 

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   The Ham Lake Fire burned across the Granite River in many places prompting the USFS to close entry points and travel along the river.  The campsites have been assessed and 14 of the 22 campsites on the route have now been re-opened.  Starting on July 1st the USFS will allow guests to reserve entry points into the Granite River through both Larch Creek and Magnetic Lake.  Due to the number of available campsites the quota for Magnetic Lake has been reduced from 3 parties per day to 1 party per day.  

    Travel on the Canadian side of the Granite River has not been restricted.  Canoeists can access the Granite River from Saganaga Lake and travel the route in the opposite direction of the current.   We were happy to find out a favorite island campsite of ours was unaffected by the Ham Lake Fire.  As with most forest fires the burn pattern varies in degree from severe burn to no burn depending upon the elevation and landscape.  The Granite River will no doubt be more popular now than ever as guests follow the re-growth of the forest. 

     We urge you to make your reservations as soon as you can for the Granite River.  We know how anxious everyone is to check out the unique landscape left behind by the Ham Lake Fire and we hope everyone gets the opportunity to see it first hand.