Gotta go Skiing

This morning it was beautiful outside and I really wanted to go cross-country skiing. Unfortunately there were more urgent and important things to do than spending an hour or two in the woods.  I realized today how little I have been outside this winter and it makes me sad.

Before the kids were born I pretty much went cross-country skiing or snowshoeing every day when there was snow. It was something I obviously took for granted at the time. Last winter I only went cross-country skiing once! I should be able to double that this year quite easily, but I’ve heard “should” is a fantasy.  Let’s hope not.

Before I can go skiing I need to get my ski pass and that takes a couple of minutes to do. I also need to get new ski poles. I received some for a Christmas gift this year but unfortunately they are too long and Mike hasn’t been able to remove the baskets or handles in order to cut them down to the correct size.  That means I need to get another set of poles before I go skiing and that too takes a few minutes to do.  My minutes are pretty limited right now.

The Voyageur Brewing Company is opening on February 12th and there is still plenty to finish before then. The place looks amazing and the beer tastes even better. I’m so excited for all of our Voyageur summer guests and neighbors to be able to stop in before or after(or both) their trips and have a beer or pick up a growler to bring home.  I know you’ll love it.

I may just have to disappear into the woods for a couple of hours. I’m sure I’ll be more productive after spending time in the woods, I just gotta get out skiing sooner rather than later.

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