Good Times Near Grand Marais

There are plenty of outdoor activities to find around Grand Marais. Some involve a car ride but others you can get to with just two wheels of the bicycle kind.  Josh and his friend Ben enjoy fishing and I don’t think it matters to them whether or not they catch a fish. Half of the time I question whether or not there are even fish where they are attempting to catch fish.

The other day found the three of us in Grand Marais. They wanted to go fishing, I wanted to go biking so we compromised on biking to a fishing spot. With backpacks on we pedaled East out of town towards the Canadian Border. Josh looked a bit like an insect due to the two fishing poles sticking out of his backpack that closely resembled antennae.

We made our way to Kadunce Wayside which is about 10 miles from Grand Marais. While they attempted to catch fish I took a hike to County Road 14 and back which was almost perfect timing because they were ready to leave when I got back. We biked most of the way back to Grand Marais before stopping for a dip in Durfee Creek to cool off.  Climbing the rocks, soaking our feet and cooling off beneath the warm sunshine made it one of those days to remember.

Whenever we can get away from computers, X boxes, cell phones and other electronics I consider it a great day. A great day it was indeed.

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