Go Take a Hike

 Bearskin Lake on the Gunflint Trail   

      I long for someone to tell me to go take a hike.  I guess no one does because they know I will indeed take a hike and for me, the longer the hike the better it is.  But just like one night canoe trips sometimes settling for a 2 hour hike is better than no hike at all.

     Yesterday Mike and the kids wanted to watch the Minnesota Vikings game.  One bad thing about not having television is you either have to invite yourself over to a friend’s house to watch the game or go to a bar.  Since Hungry Jack Lodge rebuilt Mike and the kids have enjoyed watching games there a couple of times.  I can understand why they like to watch games there since it’s an absolutely beautiful building in a picturesque setting with three big screen televisions and great service.  I however did not want to spend the beautiful afternoon inside watching a football game so they dropped me off at the trailhead of the Caribou Rock Trail.

     The Caribou Rock Trail trailhead is just before Hungry Jack Lodge on Hungry Jack Road.  I set off with camera in hand and Rugby leading the way.  The temperature was perfect for hiking and there wasn’t a bug in sight.  The view of Bearskin is always breathtaking and even more so when the leaves are starting to change colors.  I didn’t have time to hike all of the way to Stairway Portage as I would have liked but it was great to spend a couple of hours in the woods.

     I did get to enjoy some time at Hungry Jack Lodge as the game wasn’t quite over when I got there.  I went inside to get a drink and then spent the remainder of the time relaxing on their expansive lawn right next to the lake. 

Hiking on the Gunflint Trail