Go Jump in a Lake, A Boundary Waters Lake

     Yesterday the temperature reached 88 degrees and at 11:00AM today it’s already 81 degrees.  This is perfect weather for swimming in the cool and refreshing Boundary Waters.  We did just that on our fishing expedition on Saganaga yesterday.

     The breeze wasn’t enough to keep us cool in the boat so we found a campsite and went for a dip in the lake.  The water felt so great! I can’t believe it was the first time I had been in this year. Now it will no doubt become a daily occurence, it’s that first time that is the toughest. But with the water this warm, it isn’t such a shock to the system.

     As for the fishing yesterday all we caught were rays, sun rays that is. But like every other fishing trip on Saganaga a bad day of catching is better than a good day of work!