Give a Green Gift

     If you struggle to find gifts for people then this tip from Idealbyte is for you and for the environment.

Wanna find a gift that’ll cast an eco-spell?

The Bite
Allakhazam! With new going green starter kits, getting your impossible-to-buy-for friends presents to get them started making small changes that add up is easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and, unlike sawing some lady in half, it’s totally cruelty-free.

The Benefits

  • Conjuring up smiles. Give a gift set that rates high on the coolness and usefulness scales.
  • Nonillusory eco-friendliness. Planting trees and making your own pet supplies (just a couple actions prompted by these kits) will help create more oxygen and less packaging waste.
  • Padding wallets like magic. Items like CFLs and reusable bottles will save your giftee major cash over time (one pick boasts energy savings of $275 per year).
  • If 10,000 Biters gift a Zola Goods energy-saving Starter Kit, in a year our giftees will avert up to 219 households’ overall annual CO2 output.

Personally Speaking
Just don’t order the Starter Kit for Change months in advance of when you want to gift it – one of us got one last September, and the seedling almost didn’t make it to Xmas alive. 

Wanna Try?

  • Starter Kit for Change – includes a tree seedling, recycled journal and pencil, fair-trade hot cocoa, and other stuff ($40).
  • Ideal Bite Biter for Life Kit – our own fab (if we do say so ourselves) reusable bottle, mug, tote, plus more, all in one set ($99).
  • Zola Goods Starter Kit – save energy and water with a low-energy bulb, low-flow showerhead, power strip, and dryer balls ($98).
  • Eco-Me Dog Kit – gets you started (with containers, treat mixes, shampoo powder, and instructions) on making your own DIY grooming products. Also: Cat Kit ($28).
  • Green Office Green Student Kits – outfits kids with supplies such as recycled folders and sustainable-wood pencils; three versions based on grade ($17-$30).