Get on the Water Wagon

     There is a new bottle on the market that’s called the Klean Kanteen.  It’s very similar to the Sigg bottles that we sell on our online Trading Post except they don’t come in fun colors or with cool designs.  They are both made from food-grade stainless steel and are indestructable.  They come in a couple of sizes and have various cap designs and accessories to go with them.  


   What’s so good about these bottles?  Unlike plastic bottles that leach chemicals into the water you drink these bottles are non-leaching.  Plastic bottles of water that are re-used can grow some nasty bacteria if not cleaned properly.  You don’t want to sanitize them in the dishwasher because that will only make them leach more chemicals.  The only safe way to drink that bottle of water is to drink it and recycle the bottle when finished.  If you drink the required or recommended amount of water each day then you’ll find those plastic bottles adding up quickly.  That’s why plastic re-usable bottles like the Nalgene were created but over time these bottles leach as well.

     The solution to drinking clean, chemical free water without filling your recycling bin everyday?  Get on the water wagon and purchase a Sigg water bottle today.