Geocaching on the Gunflint Trail

     I don’t need another reason to go for a hike in the woods but I can always use an excuse to go on one.  I decided to place some geocaches on the Gunflint Trail for folks to find.  If you’ve never searched for a Geocache then you’re missing out.  It’s like a treasure hunt but instead of a map you use your GPS and instead of a treasure you find a cache.

     Most caches contain a small treasure as well as a log book for you to sign.  The tradition is to take something from the cache and leave something in its place.  You then record what you took and what you left in the log book.  If you’re a member of then you can go on and log your finds online.  

    I currently have four caches hidden on the Gunflint Trail.  They are all located beyond mid-Trail towards the end of the Gunflint Trail and are all registered on  One of them is called Fire Look Out and can be found by hiking the Centennial Trail/Kekekabic Trail.  Here are the coordinates for the cache, N 48° 05.467 W 090° 50.725.

       When life slows down a little bit I plan to take my kids along with me on a treasure hunt.  I know I can convince Josh to come along especially if it’s during grouse hunting season.  I’ll just have to convince Abby there might be something really cool in a cache we find. 

      Give geocaching a try and when you find one of mine be sure to let me know! Happy Geocaching and good luck!