Garage Sale on the Gunflint Trail

This weekend is the annual Gunflint Trail Garage Sale. On Saturday and Sunday, September 2oth and 21st you’ll be able to find deals up and down the trail.  Businesses and cabin owners are participating so there will be plenty of places to stop. Participating businesses are Clearwater Lodge & Golden Eagle Lodge(set up at Clearwater), Boundary Country Trekking, Hungry Jack Outfitters, Trail Center Lodge, Norwester Lodge, Big Bear Lodge, Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Pines and VOYAGEUR CANOE OUTFITTERS!

If you stop in and get your map stamped at every business and bring it to Trail Center on your way back to town you’ll get a prize. If you come all of the way to the end of the Gunflint Trail and visit us at Voyageur then you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some camping gear for a great prices.  We’ll have canoes for sale including a Minnesota II Kevlar, a Seneca, a Royalex and more.  We’ll also have paddles, packs, thermarest pads and tents for sale along with some great deals on gift store items including clothing.

We hope you will come see us on Saturday or Sunday from 8am-4pm. If you’re interested in purchasing a canoe and can’t make it up then feel free to give us a call on Monday or sign up for our email newsletter so you’ll know when we have more for sale.

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