From Flip Flops to Snowshoes

     Our famous Voyageur cook and her tow boat driving husband have returned from their stay in the Phillipines. Elsa’s family lives there so she and Ron went for a long visit.  According to Ron the visit wasn’t long enough as he’s not as fond of snow as Elsa is.

     Elsa hasn’t always been able to experience snow like Ron has throughout his life.  This must be why she made a snow angel on the river today and agreed to go snowshoeing with me.  Ron and Josh joined us but both turned back before long.  

     It’s hard to describe the beauty of the woods right now.  Even a picture doesn’t do it justice.  The snow is so thick and white it doesn’t even look real.  It’s piled high upon branches it makes you wonder how much higher it can get. 

     We’re happy Ron and Elsa are back and it’s obvious Elsa is happy to be here too.  Welcome Home!

Elsa's Angel          Ron and Elsa snowshoeing

Boundary Waters lake        Snow in the Boundary Waters