Freestyle Canoeing New Category at the Gunflint Canoe Races

        Some of you may have heard of freestyle canoeing and past Voyageur Crew member Kristi Ostrowski thinks this might be a good category for the Gunflint Canoe Races.  While it must be considered a form of artful expression I don’t think I can see my Voyageur Crew out in the Seagull River practicing to the tune of Lady in Red.  I’m not sure I can tell you exactly what I think about the video. 

      Better than the video itself are the comments on Youtube that follow it.  Some days it’s nice to have a good chuckle in the morning.  Thanks for sharing Kristi, this ones for you, my Lady in Red!


Comments from Youtube…

Back in 2007 this guy was the Tony Hawk of Freestyle Canoeing

I’m waiting for him to do a flip, but it’s not happening.

I’m in the weird part of youtube again.

I was waiting for him to fall the entire time.

how do they know when to clap?

He must be part swan. He is just so gosh dang graceful. God bless America.

It is completly irresponsible not to wear a life jacket…

is it really wrong for a man to love his boat?

I used to freestyle my canoe like this, then I took a paddle to the knee.