Forecasts for the Ham Run Weekend

     Moose on the Gunflint Trail


     Looking at the forecast when you have an event planned for a certain day is like getting on the scale.  What could it possibly say that would make you happy? Sunny and 70 degrees is too warm for a half-marathon.  A 20% chance of rain is still a chance of rain.  I would prefer just to ignore forecasts and scales because they never have quite the effect on me I want.

     I do know anyone who comes up the Gunflint Trail this weekend is going to love it.  Driving up the hill from Grand Marais it looks like you’re entering Narnia there’s so much snow along the ditches.  The lakes are frozen and if you didn’t know it was the end of April you’d think it was February.

     As you get past Trail Center the snow disappears and it looks alot more like spring on the Gunflint Trail.  The lakes are pulling away from the edges and green is popping out everywhere.  Then you get to the end of the Trail and you can actaully see some open water.  The Seagull River and the portion of Gull Lake that’s right at the landing at Trail’s End is free of ice.  

     The moose are out, the grouse are drumming, mallards are flying, loons are singing, eagles are soaring and it’s wonderful outside.  That was just this morning since I’ve taken the kids to the bus stop and back.  Imagine what you could experience if you had the entire day to spend outside.  Why not come and see for yourself.  We have lodging at Voyageur and we’d love to see you here.


Trail's End Campground Sag Lake   Frosty morning at Moose Pond Road