For the Love of Birds

     I have to admit I really love to watch the birds outside on a cold winter’s day.  The way they flitter to and fro and interact with each other is very entertaining.  I feel like I should be writing down my observations like which birds like which bird seed better?  Or maybe which birds are up the earliest or stay the latest?  While I don’t write down my observations I do grab my bird book when there’s a bird out there that I don’t recognize.  I usually forget their name by the next winter but at least I’ll remember it for the remaining winter.

     If you can name these birds and post them on our facebook page then your name will be entered into a drawing for a gift from our Voyageur Trading Post.  Good Luck!

Birding gunflint trail

Birding on the Gunflint TRail

BWCA birding

Boundary WAters bird


gunflint trail birds at voyageur canoe outfitters