Fishing is Good Catching is Better

  BWCA Smallmouth bass fishing  photos courtesy of Chris Braet

   There sure have been alot of reports about how good the fishing is this year.  Every group we talk to has fish stories to share and I don’t think we’ve had anyone get skunked yet.  The talk is people like my new brother-in-law are going to think catching fish in the canoe country is always this easy.  He and his new bride camped in the Quetico for their honeymoon and had awesome fishing and catching.

     The only consistent complaint we have heard about the fishing is that folks can’t find any small fish.  People are catching nice 5-6 pound walleyes on Power-Baits and are releasing them in hopes of catching some eaters.  The big northern pike won’t leave anyone’s lures alone and smallmouth bass seem to be everywhere.

     My cousin and his church group have been up this past week and have enjoyed their time spent fishing and catching.  It’s so nice to see how happy and proud people are when they catch a fish.  It’s a satisfying feeling knowing you have outsmarted a fish. 

     The fishing is good so come and try your luck at the catching.

BWCA Northern Pike Photo courtesy of Chris BraetBoundary Water's Walleye photos courtesy of Christ Braet