Fishing in the BWCA

Most people who fish in the Boundary Waters practice catch and release fishing since it isn’t practical to bring them home.  If they do keep the fish then chances are they are going to clean it and eat it.  The BWCA wants people to pack out the fish remains or bury them.  My first choice would be to bury them!  Be sure to choose a spot far from the campsite and portages so unwanted critters do not become regular visitors.  Make sure you dispose of fish remains far from the shoreline and after digging a hole, be sure to cover it with ground debris.  Some people like to leave fish remains out on a rock to watch eagles and seagulls come and visit but the USFS does not want you to do this.  This can leave a smelly mess for others to deal with.  Remember, never throw fish remains into the water as it is against the law.