Fisherman’s Picnic in Grand Marais

It’s that time of the year when Grand Marais gets a little bit crazy.  It’s Fisherman’s Picnic which is like a County Fair minus the big rides but complete with a parade, street dances, fireworks and class reunions.  It attracts tons of tourists as well as throngs of locals.  For many of the locals it means it’s time to volunteer. Like any other event it takes the help of many to make it successful.

The bingo tent is open early every morning and open until midnight.  Different groups work the bingo tent for each session to earn money for their group.  Last night we worked it for the Silver Bay Blue Line Club who Josh plays hockey for.  Tomorrow night Abby will work it for her softball team and she could work it for volleyball and band. It’s a great fundraiser and provides hours of fun for the players as well.

This morning we helped out at the ECFE pancake breakfast. The kids are also helping out with inflateables(bouncy houses) to raise money for band.  It’s a great time of the year for kids to learn about volunteering for community too.

If you’re coming to Grand Marais, Minnesota this weekend then be ready for a little bit of extra traffic and be sure to stop in at the Fish burger stand for a real treat.

Here’s a schedule to keep you posted on the activities.



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