First Swim



   April 25th was the day for 2007!  The day of the first swim in the Seagull River and anyone who knows me knows it wasn’t me.  I take my time wading into the water to let my body adjust even if I’m walking into a heated pool so there’s no way I’m jumping into the river just five days after the ice went off.  

<%image(20070425-during.jpg|100|133|Swim the BWCA)%>

  Theresa, our employee and two of our guests in the lodge decide the 25th was a perfect day for a swim.  The sun was shining brightly and the air temperature was warm but the water temperature couldn’t have been 40 degrees and they couldn’t have gotten out of the water fast enough. 

<%image(20070425-during2.jpg|100|133|First Swim)%>
<%image(20070425-aftersm.jpg|100|136|Gunflint Trail Swim)%>